Bleeding Gods was formed in 2012 after founder Ramon Ploeg left Dutch death metalband Houwitser.

It all began with a 4-track never released demo entitled 'Demo 2013'. With the demo, the band signed a record deal with the Italian Punishment 18 Records and released their debut album 'Shepherd of Souls' in 2015. 

After some lineup changes, the band recorded a new promo in 2016 and used some orchestration for the first time with help from good friend of the band Martin Powell (Cradle of Filth 2000 - 2005).

Later that year the band was added on the bills of several wellknown festivals like Eindhoven Metal Meeting, Antwerp Metalfest and others and performed their new material for the first time live. With fully packed venues and marquees, the band was called 'surprise of the weekend' more than once. Shortly after that, the band received a lot of positive attention with interviews and live reviews from the international press.

Early 2017 the latest album 'Dodekathlon' was born. One hour of devastating epic blackened death metal which tells the complete ancient Greek story of the Twelve Labours of Hercules.The band spent almost 2 years on writing, composing and recording the album and received a lot of positive reviews from the international music press. The album even received 'album of the month' and 'album of the year' several times.

Bleeding Gods signed a wordwide deal with Nuclear Blast Records and the album was released in January 2018.

With the new album, the band toured Japan, Europe, UK, Russia and Scandinavia with other artists like Belphegor, Pestilence, The Crown and Melechesh. Besides tours, the band headlined the New Force Stage at Metal Days, and performed at other sold out festivals like Czech Deathfest, Viborg Metalfest, Metal Experience Fest and others.

Dodekathlon was released January 12th, 2018.

Bleeding Gods =

Mark Huisman - Vocals
David Gutierrez Rojas - Keys and Choirs
Ramon Ploeg - Guitars
Rutger van Noordenburg - Guitars
Yessica Otten - Bass

Michiel van der Plicht - Drums (studio and live session)



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